Day 19: Home

Home. No matter how much fun you had outside, nothing feels as good as getting back home. The moment I reach my apartment, I relax and this feeling is involuntary. In a matter of five months, this apartment has turned into my heavenly abode. I have always loved having an indoor plant and as expected, I bought one: a croton plant. It’s bright lovely yellow and green leaves lightened up my room. But in few weeks,  its leaves started to fall. Worried, I searched the internet for a solution, turns out it requires a humid environment. I tried natural humidifying techniques and watched it religiously. I did not want it to die.

A few weeks ago, I noticed that new leaves were budding in my plant. I felt an instant joy, a feeling of excitement and happiness. I remember the same happiness I felt years back when I was in Nepal and I had seen a flower bud in my bedroom plant. It seemed like a new life sprouting out of my plant. 😀

So why am I writing about my plant and home. Having felt such connection towards just my plant, it made me wonder about how intense our attachment towards our home actually could be. I remember my aunt sharing emotionally about her attachment to a crockery set, because it was her first purchase when she moved to USA and was setting her home here. Despite variety of option, she still keeps it safe. I am sure everybody has that one thing or experience (an emotional attachment) which they cherish and never wants to let go. Often it is these attachments and memories that make our life beautiful. Like many others, I share it with my home, a place I would always want to come back to, my home and my family.



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