Day 17 :)

As I struggle to decide on what to right, I ask my husband to help me out. Guess what he says? “Write about me, write about how much I love you, how I cook for you, how I always agree with you, how supportive I am and how I am such a good husband”, he said. I laughed but then I thought why not. While I disagree on 100 things with him, I felt like agreeing on this one.  Rajeev is a loving, caring, understanding, romantic and a supportive husband. He can make me laugh like hell and be the sweetest person in the whole world. I see his love and respect for the family, always ensuring that our parents are feeling well and good. Always at service for us. A dependable loving person.

But relationships are not just about smiles. I can be irritating, he can be stubborn. I can be angry, he can be moody. I can be lazy, he can be crazy :P. Well, what I am trying to say is that a true relationship with a person is when one can actually deal with the annoying side of a person with equal love. Oh yes.. we have had fights. Who hasn’t? I have had fights with my mom, my brother, my sister, my dad and yet our love stayed pure, ceteris paribus. So why should a fight with husband be any different? I include ceteris paribus because there is one indispensible factor that needs to remain constant no matter what in any form of relationship, and that is TRUST.

Since, I have moved to USA, emotionally it has been a challenging one : to accept the new environment and to always miss my family. But it has been so also for my husband, to make me feel home to the best he can. Time and again, before we sleep he asks, ‘So how do you feel being here in the US?’ and I say ‘ It feels ok, I miss my family’. Right that moment, I know his heart sinks, but to my dear, it is his love that matters and the sense of belonging towards him and our family-to-be that matters; it will keep me strong. 😀



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