Day 16

Today’s journal is a bi-monthly review of my self-discipline practice.  Developing a habit takes time and your forever enemy (laziness) is always on the move to attack and conquer you. Many a times, it did. Reviewing is good, helps me get back on track. Well now it may seem small but if I am able to make this a habit, I am sure to apply the same in bigger things and achieve better in my life. So these are the tasks that I had to follow and how far could I really practise it.

1. Waking up at 7:30 am______ 60%
2. Working out___________60%
3. Drinking at least 3 bottles of water________40%
4. Daily skin care regime____________70%
5. And yes, Journaling_________100%
Not so good, but not that bad too. I am atleast happy that I am sticking to journal. Lets see how far I go. 🙂 goodnight!

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