Day 14: Hate Test

Sometimes I wonder, why exams make people so anxious. It is a known fact that by the time one is in their mid-twenties, they will have experienced more than a 100 exam situation. Yet, the feeling remains; the cold, shivery, uncomfortable, nervous feeling before hitting the test center.

Isn’t it strange that despite age, one still has that recurring dream of sitting in an exam hall? These dreams are ingeniously thrilling, almost like a horror movie. One is either running late in answering, or reading questions completely out of syllabus, or hearing the bell ring and crying because you haven’t even completed the first question. Depending on the creativity of the dreaming mind, the story variates for better or worse.

Standardized tests are the worst among them all. They are in plain words, TERRORIZING. They are mean, cruel and not at all friendly. They never give us enough time, they are never polite and are the most inflexible. Especially because most are designed by English-speaking countries, they are dominating and we non-native English speakers just hate them, still, take them. 😛

So wish me luck. The irony of my post and my exam tomorrow.


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