Day 7: Long distance relationship

The beauty of long distance relationship is a unique one. Sometimes the amount of love they share might not just be enough. It is one that demands patience, commitment, and an awful lot of listening power. I have experienced it. It can be terrible at times, irritating with internet connection problems every now and then, and of course mismatch in expectation of call timings. By now most of the readers I believe have thought about long distance relationships they have been in with their boyfriend/girlfriend or thought about someone who is in one. But this journal is about my long distance relationship with my mom.

I had never put our relations in this perspective but she has never ceased to surprise me with this one. I am surprised by the endless energy she has to video chat with me. I am surprised by the endless stories she has to share with me. I am surprised by the strongest dedication she has to call me right on time without fail. I am surprised by the passion she generates to learn smart phone technology just to talk to me, despite her age. I am, all in all, just heartened by the unconditional love my mother has, to shower on me.

Long distance relationship with my mom is so much more heartbreaking than the one I had with my boyfriend (now my husband). It is true, no one can replace a mother’s place in your life and to top it, its realization hits deep when you have to stay far from your mom. Nonetheless, ‘mums’ are ‘mums’, they will always give you reasons to smile. The reasons are funny, yet full of love. They will ask a hundred times, how to send a photo on Viber chat, but still, forget about it the next day. They will video chat with you for the third time in a day and yet show only their foreheads or ceiling on camera. They will call a thousand times and still get confused on how to check if she missed my call. They will believe that we are thousands of miles away but will not realize that we have actually become even more close from heart. It makes me SMILE. 🙂

To all the people (especially daughters) who are in a long distance relationship with their mums, hang on to the love. We may be apart but we have so much more to cherish with our mums together. Just keep smiling, and our relationship will be just as good as ever or so to say, much better.




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