Day 6​

I really do not have much to share today, only the fact that maintaining self-discipline is difficult. I committed to waking up early every day and had been since Day 1 of my journal. Today, however, I gave in to the temptation of sleeping an hour more. 😛 Guilty as charged, I know and I am sure some of you might have experienced it too. I love sleeping so much that I have experienced waking up, freshening and getting ready for work while still in bed, only to realize that you were dreaming (people who sleep-like-hell will know what I mean). So, I will try to make sure that this does not become a daily affair. 🙂

One thing that I am really enjoying the past few days, however, is working out. Yoga always interested me and now I realize why: it is one of the most amazing invigorating exercises. I follow a simple 40-minute yoga routine that I found on Youtube. The best part is, you do not require a tutor or an expert. It is because I felt that, once you are able to connect your mind with body, you automatically start realizing the right way to place your body in given postures. I love it!

I recommend everyone to try YOGA, not just to burn your calories but to actually experience everyday breathing and living. 🙂 Go ahead set your alarm and try it tomorrow morning. You will love it too.



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