Day 5

Sometimes amidst all the chaos of our life, it feels so wonderful to lay back and cherish the good people and good moments in your life. It could be flipping through your old album, catching up with your good friend or just sharing few moments of silent/relaxed moment with your loved ones. Brings a smile to my face even thinking about it.

It is true we do not always feel like that. But whenever we find ourself in such time, it is worth forgetting all our worries and just live in that moment. I am sure it will make our lives much happier and make us feel grateful for what we have.

Life is unpredictable. We don’t know what future has in stock for us. Nonetheless, I am sure we all have at least one thing to hold on to and cherish its goodness for life. I pray that all beings find that one thing to keep themselves inspired no matter how hard life gets at them.


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