Day 3


Human emotions are strange. Isn’t it? It just takes one moment to make a happy person sad, but multiple attempts to make a sad person happy. I experienced one such moment today. I felt low for the pettiest reason but took me multiple conscious attempts to make my mind feel good again. Maybe I was just moody or maybe I was PMSing, but whatever it was, talking about my experience with my husband helped me overcome the temptation to stay grumpy all day long. Back in Nepal, when I felt low, I would find solace with my girlfriends, laugh out our inferiority complexes and boost back our confidences. However, as we mature, it seems like our support systems increasingly become self-dependent, we just become a little too busy, a little too strong, a little too serious and a little too less lively.

‘Rule your mind or it will rule you’ said Buddha.

Only if it was easy! Ruling your mind sounds big, it sounds challenging and definitely not in our capacity to try. The mind is so mischevious, it never stays in place especially not the ones like mine. Like self-discipline, I am trying to take this task bit by bit as well. If I don’t want to feel a particular way that my mind is feeling (low, jealous, incompetent, sad or whatever negative), I distract my mind (think/talk about something completely different or talk about it positively with someone else to gain some perspective). Once my mind is distracted, then I think it becomes easier to focus my mind on how really want to feel or what I want to do.

Let me practice it some more times and I will share my verdict. 🙂




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