Day 2

Honestly, I did not intend to share my Day 1 journal on Facebook, it was actually supposed to be just between me and my WordPress. But blogging after so many months, I completely forgot my WordPress was synced to Facebook. Nonetheless, receiving such supportive feedbacks from friends and family, enhanced my motive. Thank you.

About self-discipline, I am trying to take the practice of self-discipline bit by bit. My tasks were simple (well might not be so simple when your mind is not ready but easy if otherwise).
1. Waking up at 7:30 am
2. Working out
3. Drinking at least 3 bottles of water.
4. And yes, Journaling
So could I convince my body to coordinate with my mind? Surprisingly, yes I did but I know that the real challenge is to continue the regime until it becomes a habit. I am, however, happy with my performance today.
If you ask me what helped me stick to my plan (however, petty it might sound right now), it was realizing the importance of prioritizing yourself. Like I shared in Day 1 journal people are very prone to be carried away with what’s happening all around, but themselves. You would understand this when I say you check your phone first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening. I did/do too. The phone is the last.. ok not the last but the fourth or fifth thing you should be concerned about in the morning (I mean after your morning duty, workout, interaction with your family, a good breakfast and then maybe your mobile/mail/FB/etc.). A recent Rich Dad Foundation Event I attended talked a lot about ‘paying yourself first’, a lead to financial freedom. Similarly, I believe it is ‘paying attention to yourself first’ that is essential in maintaining self-discipline. Quite difficult but it must be worth a try. I am on it. Goodnight 🙂

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