Day 1

For years I have been thinking of writing a journal but I could never accumulate the focus I needed, until now. I moved to USA in October 2016, and past four months haven’t been easy, not emotionally. Coming from such an integrated family of 25 members back in Nepal, moving to an unknown city with just my husband was terrifying. I had left behind all my personal and professional comfort zones. It was an emotional turmoil of being excited, lonely, happy, unhappy, optimistic, pessimistic, and lost. After 5 years of long distance relationship with my hubby, I was finally together with him but being apart from family is difficult.

After a month or so of moving to USA, I started to look for work, and haven’t found any yet. I was pumped up for a month or two, but having received only 1 call for a phone interview, I started zoning out to pessimism. And when you zone out to negativity, you start crying, fighting, sulking, complaining, and all those things which you would least want to happen, happen.

Four months of forced leisure gave me an opportunity to review my life. So last week I did a self-reflection; reflected on how my 2016 went by (major achievements), when I felt really happy, and when I was extremely sad. This task although sounds simple is difficult. Very rarely do people know what they like or dislike, they are mostly caught up in the mesh of things happening around the world. Well, so am I, hence the journal. This journal is an attempt to stay out of that negative zone and trying to be focused on positives of my life.

I always wake up early, exercise, eat healthily, read, and drink plenty of water, but all in my mind. Yeah, I have lost control over myself to that level. I am trying to bring my mind-body coordination back on track. SELF-DISCIPLINE is my goal, to regain control over myself. 🙂

I promised to start my journal today, and so here it was. I promise to come back tomorrow. Sure I will. 😀


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  1. kaila bau says:

    amuini….maya lagyo….darshana….keep going… is all about making lemon into lemonade……we are behind you…


    1. Thank you uncle!! 🙂


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